INFANT: 6 Weeks - 18 Months

The Infant Daycare Program is designed to meet the needs of infants from six weeks of age to 18 months. Infants are encouraged to crawl. In addition to maximum movement, the young infant experiences visual and tactile stimulation. The environment promotes movement and independence.

The Infant Daycare Program at Suncreek Montessori is committed to promote a continual balance between home and school. We achieve this by following each students individual care plan submitted and updated by parents as well as by providing a safe and healthy classroom environment.

The goal of our Infant Daycare program is to foster the development of the whole child; meaning, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Our Infants grow in a warm and nurturing environment under the guidance of loving and experienced teachers, who will closely monitor each child’s daily activities and growth and will share those in daily reports with parents.
Daily activities and schedules include, Music, Story Time, Tummy Time, Sign Language, and lots of Love.

TODDLERS: 18 Months-36 Months

Children from 18 months to 3 years of age continue this development of movement and independence. They are exploding into language. They are learning simple ground rules and lessons in grace and courtesy — essentially, how to get along. They are learning how to control their movements, how to care for their environment, and how to care for themselves.

PRIMARY: 3-6 Years

The primary classes at Suncreek Montessori are very well equipped to offer pre-kindergarten, kindergarten classes.

There are five major areas of work in a Montessori class room – Practical life, Sensorial, Language, math and cultural. The child has the freedom to choose his work with the guidance of the teacher.
Included in the curriculum are various activities which help in enriching the program. Spanish and music appreciation is introduced at the infant level. During the course of the day, children do art, cooking, and nature study.
We offer classes for art, music, ballet, and gymnastics. These are optional and the parents pay directly to the agency providing the service.
Montessori education opens the whole world up to your child with fascinating hands-on exercises in geography, botany, zoology, earth and physical science.



The young child acquires the sounds of language effortlessly. The ear is attuned. The mind is engaged and words are released one by one into phrases, sentences and conversations.


The happy voices of singing children fill Suncreek with music and song. Music becomes “thinking in sound.” The students give a holiday concert each year and provide music for the end-of-year program.

Physical Activity

Children are created to move whether it is in the classroom with deliberate controlled movements, or on the playground with abandon. Physical activity is an essential element in a child’s growth and development.
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